To All The Bullies In The World

The world is cruel, isn’t it? And each day one person or other succumbs to that, thanks to you guys. A considerable amount of this, if not most, is triggered by you and I am sure you aren’t so dense as not to know that. You know, there are two kinds of you lot -The Bullies- out there: One who knows they’re bullying someone and one who doesn’t. The former is a quite threatening horde of clownish demons dressed up in the garb of humans; according to whom, bullying someone is their inherent right and anybody depriving them of that right is obviously committing blasphemy. (They aren’t remotely religious though. Oh NO.) They are very in touch with their feelings; they know they are the children of Satan and enjoy it. I mean, they must know, if the self-confidence and pride with which they exude themselves and inflict scalding pain in others is any indication. The latter kind, however, isn’t exactly aware of their higher status or even their bully-prone nature. They often forget to take into notice the fine line drawn between ‘harmlessly kidding with someone’ and ‘harmfully bullying someone’.


Throughout the short span of my life -nineteen years, dude, pretty short- I’ve come across mainly the second type who are ubiquitous in the society and are as much threatening, even if inadvertently, as the first. What I mean is, they are scattered everywhere amid the burgeoning crowd of people. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “There is an evil in every one of us.” Well, I have got a rephrased and refreshed version for you: There is a bully in every one of us. And whenever the occasion of prodding into someone’s weakness or vulnerability arises before them, that bully inside them struggles to leap out and make a jab. Now it’s just that some of us are better at the self-control thing, throttling the bully in time, and some, well, aren’t.

So here’s a teeny tiny request to these two kinds: DON’T. DO. THAT. Don’t make fun of anyone’s weakness or vulnerability, even as part of a fucking joke. Because there’s a reason it is called “weakness”. It is that, it makes us -the victims- weak which eventually breaks us into small invisible shards. And even YOU aren’t that petty, low, and insensitive to do that. Right? Okay, who am I kidding? Of course you are. I mean, it’s the whole point. Time and again, I’ve seen you droop to that underground level of shallowness. And I’ve wondered why. Well, actually, I’ve heard some explanations for such raw, headlong insensitivity on your part over the years. But none has cut it enough to freeze-numb my searing feeling of ache. Which, again, you’re causing. Because it fucking HURTS. I do not know HOW you can’t see that. It hurts whenever you make me a pony subject of your non-humourous humour and entertainment. It hurts whenever you, with your other equally incorrigible “buddies”, make an awful nasty jab at my weakness and problem -be it my fatness or my stammering habit or my limp leg or my underprivileged condition or my divorced parents or my ANYTHING, for that matter.

We, the victims, don’t really need to have you point that to us and poke into those weaknesses brutally and unrelentingly like you do to remind us what we are or what scars we have. Because guess what? WE ALREADY KNOW. Big surprise, right? Yeah, we already do have a clean and clear idea of our problems and scars, the ones that make us flinch and wince inwardly every time we remember them. Which is all the bloody time. And neither you nor we can wait around for an life-altering event to happen to you that will magically reset your crappy jerk buttons, or the ever-famous “love” to befall you and make you see things clearly in a sudden miraculous way, as in those movies and books. For they are not real, however much we want them to be.

THIS is real. This life is real where you’re the infamous Bully. Here you’re the one who has to take charge, make things change, shoulder the upshot of your reprehensible actions and trying a little harder, be better. Yeah, you can be better, nicer and a lot more compassionate. And yeah, I do believe the world can still be a better place to live in than it is now.


Tulika Pal

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