Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Take 2: Hits and Misses

Our take on Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Take 2



The much awaited season 2 of our favourite show, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhi is 4 episodes down and 4 episodes is a fair number to draw a comparison between this season and the original. SVS, a sitcom based in an upper middle class family of 5 is known for its elitist and quirky humour that is not at all middle class. The show originally ran on Star One and the season 2 has hit as a web series on Hotstar originals. The house has changed, Sonia has changed and there is one little addition, Arnab Sarabhai aka Monisha’s Guddu and rest is same, well almost. Let’s see how is it different from the original.

sarabhai vs sarabhai

Hit #1

Not a slight change in the original main casting, no actor has been changed and we cannot thank god enough for that. Ratna Pathak Shah as Maya Sarabhai, Satish Shah as Indu, Sumeet as Sahil, Rupali as Monisha and Rajesh is Rosesh. Thank the good lord! And yes, they are as impeccably great as they were in the first season.

Miss #1

The show was most importantly about Monisha and Maya’s tu tu main main, their absolutely contrasting nature and the chemistry this saas-bahu duo shared. In this new season, their chemistry has taken a back seat. Though we do see Maya bickering about Monisha’s middle classiyat, unlike the original, it looks forced and out of place here, probably because that no light has been thrown on their equation in this season yet.

Hit #2

The jokes are in the same lines as in the original season and still they do not look 13 years behind the time AT ALL…

Miss #2

The new season is not an episodic but a continuous series unlike the first season and that is a bummer.

Hit #3

Urr.. cannot think of more.


Miss #4

Overdose of Jasmine Mawani. Do not get me wrong, Vaibhavi Upadhyay is a fine actress and is doing a great job as Jasmine Mawani. She is gelling with the original cast perfectly well, but but but, the show came back after 13 long years and the audience wants more of the originals, their equations and chemistry and then the newer member. Monisha’s punjabiness never became overbearing in the show but Jasmine’s gujratiness is not just unnecessarily dominating, it also gets unbearable at times. P.S hate to see her highness Maya collapsing in front of Jasmine again and again.

Miss #5

What happened to everyone’s equations? Rosesh is teasing her Moma, the goddess Maya for her grey hair! Seriously? Sahil and Monisha rarely have any sweet romantic moments now. Indu is no more evil to Rosesh and rarely teams up with Sahil. What on the earth is happening?



Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai : Take 2 is ten steps ahead of the other shows running presently but nevertheless lacks the charm of its original, be it in content, gags or dialogues. Having said that, we love Sarabhai family and hope it catches the pace soon.





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