Road Accident and Kidnapping Attempt Due to Pokemon Go – India’s First

Pokemon Go has caused the first road accident of our country.

The incident happened in Mumbai when a Mercedes car driver who was driving his car while catching these Virtual characters via the Naintic game Pokemon go , reports Mid-day.


The driver of the car said that “It was the first time i have played this game” and has fuelled an already going on furore in mumbai about road safety issues due to this game.

Credits – Mid Day

The mumbai Police has launched a Full Length Online campaign to create awareness about the looming dangers while playing pokemon go on roads.

Courtesy : Mumbai Police On Twitter
Courtesy : Mumbai Police On Twitter

In another incident in West Bengal’s howrah a child was almost kidnapped from near his home.

Te child was reportedly playing pokemon go on the streets when a man confronted him and lured him by saying that he should come with him to Mumbai to catch Pokemon.
The child got convinced they reached the Howrah railway station.

Upon reaching the station the child started crying , this alarmed the nearby police officers .

This made the kidnapper flee from the station attempts were made to catch him but he was not caught.

Earlier there were news about serious road accidents in japan and parts of america where drivers ran into each other while playing the game.

Traffic police in Japan is issuing traffic tickets to the ones neglecting the traffic rules while playing this online game.


This pokemon go wave has taken the world by a storm and we advice you to take care of yourself and not let this virtual reality game ruin the true reality of life.




Courtesy – Mid Day

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