Top 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For Dangal

Official Poster Of Dangal
Official Poster Of Dangal

While the Crowd is eagerly waiting for the most awaited movie of the year Dangal to release on 23rd December this year , we bring to you top 5 reasons why Dangal Trailor is one of the best trailors to come out this year and why we can’t wait for the movie :

1) Women Empowerment:

Seedhi Baat and no Bakwaas : How many times have we seen a Superstar proudly walking behind the unknown female faces making sure the theme of the movie which is about Women Wrestlers is kept intact .. Well thats what raises the eyeballs in a finely crafted trailor when towards the climax of the trailor a father played by Aamir Khan is proudly walking behind his four daughters making sure his daughters get all the limelight in their victory march towards stardom .. We have always heard about women empowerment in several movie trailors but Dangal trailor proves actions always speak louder than words ..

2) An Actor who plays his age without any inhibitions: 

How many times have we seen an Actor playing his perfect age in the movie? Dangal trailor rightly captures the journey of Mahavir Phogat played by Aamir Khan right from his young wrestling days when he had set an unfulfilled dream of a gold medal for his country which he believes his son will fulfill one day to his  old age when he finally becomes the proud father and coach of his four daughters and guides them towards their goal ..

3) Fantastic Ensemble Cast taking the center stage: 

How many times have we seen a Khan Movie trailor where an Ensemble cast grabbing the right eyeballs in a trailor instead of just one the one actor ..When we see Dangal trailor its just not Aamir Khan as Mahavir Phogat who shines but its his four daughters that is the Phogat sisters and his wife played by Sakshi Tanwar who makes their presense felt equally in the trailor and at times outshines even the superstar in few scenes especially the wrestling scenes where one of the Phogat girl slaps a guy hard in retaliation thus proving women are no less..

4) The Dangal Title Track :

Dangal title song in the background which seems to b the main theme song of the movie is equally catchy and gives an instant kick the moment it starts playing in the background while the girls do the dhobi pachad in the wrestling arena being cheered by their proud father .. 

5) Dialogue that Stands Out : 

“Gold to Gold hota hai Chora ho Ya Chori” ..This dialogue brilliantly sums up the entire Trailor and the movie’s theme which is about winning for your country irrespective of the gender ..Realisation comes in when a father sees his two daughters Geeta and Babita beating up few school boys after they misbehaved with her .. Just a 2 sec clip and one dialogue and you know what the movie is trying to show ..Thats the beauty of a beautifully edited trailor ..

Apart from the above 5 reasons , Every single actor has nailed the Haryanvi accent to perfection thus making the movie look more authentic , real yet entertaining ..This is not the first movie to b made on Wrestling and this year itself Sultan with a similar theme has come out which has gone onto become a blockbuster but what sets Dangal trailor apart from Sultan is the way it has proudly glorified the success of a women in a male dominated sport despite having a male protagonist like Aamir Khan something that needs real courage and determination ..

So we say “Ab ki baar Dangal zaroor hoga” and give a Big Thumbs Up  after watching the trailor ..

Gagori Chatterjee

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