Top 5 Hollywood Romances !

Titanic (1997)


No brownies for guessing our first pick! The Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio starrer eternal love saga of Jack and Rose that every lover has swore on! My heart will go on , do we need to say more? The James Cameron’s tragic romance is every movie lover’s favourite watch for Valentines Day. Watch it with your lover for Titanic’s heart wrenching love story , grandeur sets , poignant dialogues and magnificent cinematography.

Pretty Woman (1991)


Pretty woman starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is what we call a modern day fairytale . Roberts who played a prostitute , Vivian Ward also received an academy award nomination for her role .

Pretty woman revolved around the love story between millionaire , Edward Lewis and a gold hearted prostitute , Vivian Ward .

With an amazing ensemble of cast , sizzling chemistry between the leading couple , tight screenplay and melodious background score , Pretty Woman has emerged as one of our all time favorite love stories !

Notting Hill (1990)


British director Richard Curtis’s Notting Hill is a coming to age modern fairytale but the other way round. The story revolves around Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) , a Hollywood superstar and her amorous entanglement with a ‘man’ next door , a simple book shop owner William ‘Will’ Thacker (Hugh Grant). Watch this movie to reaffirm your believe in love and miracles!

Before Sunrise (1995)


Director Richard Limklater’s Before Sunrise starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke is a romance in true sense . The plot revolves around a young American, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and a French woman , Celine (Julie Delpy) . The two youngsters meet each other on a train and are instantly drawn towards each other and eventually decide to spend the day together in the new city. What makes the movie appealing is the amazing conversation between the leads that builds up the movie.

Now Something from the golden black and white era of Hollywood.

Roman Holiday (1953)


Ann (Audrey Hepburn) was a bored princess sheltered in her palace , Joe (Gregory Peck )was an unsuccessful jouranalist. They collided , and rest was what the say , a History! This romantic comedy is known for its delightful dialogues , pleasant scenes , adorable chemistry between the lead couple and memorable cinematography . And you get to enjoy all of it whilst travelling Rome ! What else can one ask for?

Roman Holiday was Audrey’s debut movie and she received an academy award for her first movie itself. Unfortunately , the golden couple didn’t act together again but remained best friends till the end.

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