Rolls Royce vs Indian Jugaad – Why Indian Cars don’t need any safety?

Thieves tough luck on this one,
Rolls Royce surely knows how to guard its prestige.
You Gangstas have to use a barbie instead to get the feel of “Ecstasy”


The Spirit of Ecstasy , which can be found on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce , a symbol of the upper crest can come to life if you try to steal it away from its prestigious owner.


For long we have known about this mechanism of the Rolls Royce captivating Engineering , well we bring you the history attached to it as well as some cool facts.

The “Spirit of Ecstasy” also known as “Emily”, “Silver Lady” or “Flying Lady” cannot be stolen or damaged under any circumstances.

Well see for yourselves

For safety the Emily is mounted on a spring-loaded mechanism designed to retract inside instantly into the radiator shell if struck from any direction in an awkward manner.

Apart from this automatic retraction feature you can control the Spirit of Ecstasy on your bonnet using a switch within your car and using the remote of the car.

A 24 Carat Gold Spirit of Ecstasy can specially be ordered on demand,

Boy Ain’t that Royal?


I wish indian cars had cool features like these
But Lol no, we are too hot to handle
Here are some awesome examples of Indian engineers are Royally challenging the mighty Rolls Royce 😀

he Indian mantra of Jugaad.1404658586            Source

Yaaaaassss thats the way Mahi Ve ,  thats the way we fix things ,  Because we are


Look Closely , Thats 1 Horse Power engine



Yeah Baby , We have “Wakhra SWAG”

Try stealing that Bro 😀

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