Poetry Contest : Entry 25


With dried lips and sunken face

Cold fists and feet

Finally, with a deep breathe

She began to speak

“He held me tight

And ceased my breasts

And kissed me till I bled.

He clutched my hair

And bit my ear

And snipped me till I bled.

He tore my blouse

And unhooked my buttons

And split my legs on bed.

He forced him on me

He forced him in me

And he forced it till I bled.

My lips were ducked

And flesh was stabbed

And bit and cut

And tore and cleft

And ripped and nipped

And gashed and snipped

And ragged and ruptured

And pricked and cracked

And hit and clout

And brunt with stabs till I bled.”

All she received in response

Was neither sympathy nor assuagement

But a statement –

“Oh, you too, sister!”

By : Shruti Bhushan

12 thoughts on “Poetry Contest : Entry 25

  1. Oh true. This is the bare reality. So many victims of such abuse come up with their stories, and need bravery and courage to face the aftermath. Beautifully written with carefully chosen words. They do hit hard.


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