Poetry Contest : Entry 24

Pelting water drops on her,

He was laughing and looking.

Running away to not get wet,

At the sky, she was glaring.

Loving and enjoying the rain,

Kids started their boat making.

Splashing and whooshing cars,

Old people were also grumbling.

Cooking and humming in kitchen,

Romance of a couple blossoming.

Strolling down the street and alley,

A fight long gone was solving.

Riding and looking all the scenes,

A boy closed his eyes for wishing.

Looking at the car on the roadside,

The girl wished to be in it, sitting.

Laughing at silliness of the scene,

One looked at his people, smiling.

Wishing for rain, he was trapped in,

While she was definitely, running.

Grinning at idea to solve problem,

A car broke down while love was growing.

By : Sanya Jain

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