Poem – The Door She Was Afraid To Open

One of the Top 5 winning poems in the poetry contest by Vinayana Khurana .


When she was still sitting on that dirty bed sheet,

There was a stain on her pants which had been neat,

she clenched her fingers in the bed she sat on,

disbelieving, how fast the time has traveled and gone,

there she was once again standing there in her dream,

that boy she loved was kneeling down with her ice-cream,

and when she kissed him… it was her first kiss ever,

he held her hand and he promised to leave her never,

she also dreamed about how stupid she had been,

he left her in this room and then he was never seen,

her mother’s eyes were wet that night when they eloped,

she didn’t even said goodbyes…. because of their future hope,

she had perfect signs of something wrong but she was too in love,

not picking a single call around her…. that was a dishonest lover,

she used to go around the city having fun with her boyfriend,

and buck her classes to go to shopping with him of new trends,

that’s when there was a knock on door and she was back to reality,

now, again she would have to undress herself in front of stranger,

a unknown man with hunger but a good dealer of money exchanger,

she would have to just lay down behaving like a lifeless body,

the loveless heart and the sheet under it will again become bloody,

she didn’t wanted to open the door to her room and her heart,

she quietly crawled to her room’s dark and the most loneliest part,

she didn’t wanted to move but she just wanted to sit there crying,

but when she heard a bang and a man said, ‘come on stop trying’,

she was scared of what would be the next consequence to her,

she quickly wore her most pretty dress to show her best sexuality,

again she had to wipe her tears and open her door with sensuality,

there was a older man that day and smells as if his body was drunk,

she had to then put the man over her and make him lay on the bunk,

when she started to uncover her body he asked “don’t you want education?”,

and then she started crying and said “ I just want to complete my graduation!!”

it was a police officer in disguise but for her he was a angel in some uniform,

there it was after so long a person to save her from her life’s disastrous storm,

now, her life going smooth with hard time she has in completing her assignments,

our life goes where the god takes it… but all would be well with god’s little refinement……….


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