Poem – Peace of Mind

The second runner up in the poetry competition , Peace Of Mind by Arsalan Siddiqui .


Thus the King lay prostrate on the ground,

Looking upwards, though his heart was down.

He stared blankly at the shimmering star,

Inside, his thoughts had waged their own war.

Indecisive he was, his heart worked but the mind succumbed,

He continued to glare, he could speak but couldn’t comprehend.

The king’s mind had been plunged into the deepest reverie,

The heart did throb, seeking a way out from the misery.

Luna, with her sheen oculiform drudge, beheld Argus-eyed,

The King, who was muddled and couldn’t decide.

The monarch was perplexed, he couldn’t understand,

Why was he so dejected despite all the rubies in his hand?

The answer that he sought was rendered by a pauper,

That he was the King, he had no time nor reason to bother.

“O monseigneur, our worthy potentate, thou here helplessly lay,

With a wave of emotions beneath but no words to say!

Thou, O King, liveth a sumptuous life, sans an ounce of penury,

Yet, O worthy Prince, thy rich mind commiteth treachery!

Behold the trees, O Prince, behold the birds and the stream,

They live sans argent and yet are contented and appear so serene.

Geld, my worthy Sovereign, is something but not everything,

Break free from the shackles, detendre, take some time to think.

I can’t provide a sublime remedy, yet I can but remind

The key to bonafide frith is thy PEACE OF MIND.”

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