Pakistan won’t get Kashmir Till Eternity – Why Pakisan’s Claim for Kashmir is Baseless

There has been a recent movement in pakistan who have tried to make the recent unrest in the valley as an opportunity to bring kashmir into the attention of the international powers , with PM Nawaz Sharif Literally begging UN head Ban-ki-Moon to intervene.



What really is the scenario of Kashmir , why is kashmir rightfully an indian state?

We bring you some facts of the bloodied 1947-1948 , First Kashmir War war which marked the inculcation of kashmir into india as a state.


14th August 1947 – India and Pakistan got partitioned with Pakistan having two provinces East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan.

The Partition sparked widespread riots with people of both the communities hurting each other and sowing the seeds of enmity for future generations.


22nd October 1947 – Union of India was being made and individual states joining the indian union was in full swing.

India had extended its hand to Jammu and Kashmir for the signing of Instrument of Accession but the King of J&K , Hari Singh for the lust of power had not agreed to join the indian Union , the Pakistani tribal fighters , the Pashtuns saw it as an opportunity and attacked J&K.


November 1947 – J&K state initially tried to fight the war with General Scott leading the troops but they soon lost control over the West Kashmir and were in danger of losing the entire kashmir as the attacks were backed by the pakistani forces.


November 1947 – Hari Singh pled the indian state to support J&K and help them thwart this attack by the pakistani forces , but Indian help was subject to the signing of the Instrument of Accession to the Union of India. A subsequent acceptance came from Hari Singh and India airlifted troops to Kashmir.


December 1947 to 31st December 1948 – India Regained a lot of ground which was lost to pakistani forces by hari singh , forcing pakistan back and claiming about two thirds of kashmir.


1st January 1949 – After protracted negotiations a formal cease-fire was agreed by both countries, which came into effe
ct immediately. The terms of the cease-fire as laid out in a United Nations resolution of 13 August 1948, were adopted by the UN on 5 January 1949.

300px-J&K10low                                                 Source
This required Pakistan to withdraw its forces, both regular and irregular, while allowing India to maintain minimum strength of its forces in the state to preserve law and order.


But Pakistan is like that rat who wants to eat when not even hungry.

After such an astounding loss to india in a battle , after the signing of a formal treaty with UN, passing and adaptation of a resolution pakistan doesn’t feel ashamed to beg UN to intervene into kashmir who has clearly told pakistan that kashmir is an internal matter of india.

Pakistan has degraded its image whenever it had tried to intervene in the past it will be same  this time around.

As a indian we call for peace in the valley,
We are one
Jai Hind

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