Only 10% of the people can pass this Eye Test – Find the Dog

Optical illusions have always been there on the internet , challenging us , tickling our senses.
These tricky exercises tend to work our brain and open the dominant arms within.
Sharpening the skills and making us apply a 360 degree approach towards our goal.

Well we bring for you a tricky one.


Here is a picture of a group of Cows.
But the catch is that there is a dog quietly hiding among these cows

Did you Find it?
10% of the people in this world found it in under 25 seconds.


Keep looking if you haven’t found it yet
If you have you’re among the top 10% smart people who have applied logic to find it out.

Here is a hint,
Keep an eye on the ears,


Don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet,
Here is that dog,

So beautifully camouflaged,  comfortably hiding among all those cows.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t get it,
Keep and eye out , we will be posting many more to challenge your skills.

If you were able to get it then Bravo , mention the time in which you got it in the comments below. 🙂

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