Normalizing Periods : A film on menstruation


Periods, menstruation, or माहवारी, as it is called in Hindi, is as normal and biological to the human race as respiration, digestion, and so on. Yet, menstruation still remains a prohibited topic in our society. We bleed and hence we exist, yet we have unnecessarily sexualized periods to such an extent that we can’t talk about it when needed.

‘मैं माहवारी से हूँ’ is a film by the NGO Breakthrough India that depicts a young girl trembling with the pain of menstrual cramps (because, yes! menstrual cramps are a thing. Girls do not fly wearing white when they’re on their periods as shown in the commercials) and along with her we see the messages that society has been teaching us. Unable to find sanitary napkins, helpless, she calls for her mother. An elderly male figure sees her, figures out the situation and hands her over the sanitary napkins. Because, yes! it is as simple as that.

The message in the film is crisp and subtle, and nicely executed. The film ends with a note, ‘Make a new beginning, start talking about periods’.

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