Nawazuddin Siddiqui – The Rise of a Perfectionist

N.S., As I have been following him….
Musings of an earnest fan


Nawazuddin Siddiqui, in short N.S. is actually a perfect Mr. No Mess. All characters that he has played till date has scored a perfect 10 on 10.

When he was a nobody in the world of Hindi Cinema, being slapped and thrashed on-screen by ACP Ajay Singh Rathore, NS was phenomenal as the scared-to-death, road side feeble starved ‘gareeb’ in the city of Mumbai, who happened to witness a crime on road. I hardly noticed him in Sarfarosh…the focus was too much on Mr. Perfectionist.

The next view that I had of him was in Kahani. Although people were talking about him already because of Gangs of Wasseypur, I was not ready for a dark-reality Anurag Kashyap movie. I was busy rearing my 2 year old and gave it a miss.

Kahani happened to me at home on Tata Sky Showcase. The ruthless, cigarette smoking, abusive IB official, Mr. Khan. I watched it three times back to back, just concentrating on his scenes, and was ready for Wasseypur.

My colleagues are extremely supportive of my movie mania. They gave me the downloaded copy of both Wasseypur 1 & 2. I watched it at leisure on my laptop, replaying the scenes of my interest. His scene with Huma Quereshi in which he says ‘mujhey tere se sex karna hai’, is so vivid. Astonished I was, how does this man manage such dialogues and acts so convincingly. What must have he been thinking when speaking these lines…the reaction of the women or his lust?!

Indian Cinema probably ended its ‘talaash’ for a true hardcore actor who sleeps, eats and breathes characters, with Talaash, when he played the limping pimp Tehmur, of Kareena Kapoor. The limp was his signature to the character.

Then happened Badlapur. For the first time probably while watching a Hindi movie, the audience felt a genuine anger ( I could have jabbed him to death) and sorry at the same time, for a negative character. Mr. 10 on 10 played Liak, hardcore liar, criminal, rather a ‘Kamina’, who ultimately gives in to love.

After Badlapur there was no stopping…I ‘Kicked’ Salman Khan just for him, forced Mom to accompany me to watch Bajrangi Bhaijan only for him, downloaded a pirated copy of Haramkhor just to watch him play a ‘haramkhor’ in the true sense of the word. Laughed, clapped and freaked out totally with Freaky Ali (he was ‘the’ movie).

Teen, yes I must confess, I did not watch it only because of him, AB was a good reason too. However, when I walked out of the theatre, the only character that remained in my mind was Martin Das. Unstoppable me, pushed through a packed theatre to watch Raees, only and only for the real ‘Raieeszada of great acts’.

While I am aware that I haven’t been able to stalk all his movies too well, having missed out on Manjhi,

Lateef, LunchBox …and many more. Also, unable to recollect his roles in Manorama Six Feet Under, Ek Chalis ki Last Local, Firaaq…… I am suddenly hit my this innate thought…..shouldn’t I be doing a NS movie marathon on a weekday??!……I am already suffering from withdrawals !


Signing off !….

In control of a desire to watch all future movies of his….



Munna Micheal and ….

Babumoshai Bandoogbaaz.


-Priyanka Hazarika

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