Mainstream Bollywood Films You Do Not Realise Have Misogyny Written All Over Them

5 Mainstream Bollywood Films You Do Not Realise Are sexist , misogynist and anti feminist in nature

Biwi no 1


Let’s directly jump to the story of the movie . Here’s an ambitious aspiring model who falls for her boss oblivion to his relationship status . She then gets to know that he has a wife and two little kids and when she reprimands her boss , she is made to believe how ‘bechaara’ the hero is and that the wedding was nothing but sad compromise he had to made. Everything said and done , this girl is labelled by a home breaker and a chudail here by everyone while the hero is still revered as bechara behak gaya . Also did you listen to what they said? Ye models aisi hee hoti hain. Tch Tch.

Coolie no 1

Why Am I Bhartiya ?

Fine , you hate a man. Would you really use his daughter as a tool to take a revenge , spoil her life ? You won’t unless you are a Bollywood hero because only here you can stoop so low and still be celebrated as a hero. And your wife will forgive you , Bhartiya Naari , duh!

Mr and Mrs khiladi

Let me remind you one of the dialogues of the film , ‘Jiski behan ki shaadi Nahi hoti uss bhai ke kaleje mein khanjar chalte hain‘ . Because ‘log Kya kahenge!Jawaan behan ghar mein , shame shame.
Often regarded as one of the funniest Hindi films , Mr and Mrs Khiladi was a film about a vella wooing a richie rich girl only because his astrologer had asked him to.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge


Remember the scene when Raj played a prank on Simran and then boasted that he knows the izzat of ‘Hindustani ladki‘ ?
We can’t even.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Because ‘ladki to woh hoti hai jisse maa ke paas leke jaa sakein‘ , in short you ain’t a good woman unless you are a Hindustani woman singing bhajans. You need to start wearing salwar kameez and saris to become an appropriate option for the eligible cool dude.

Also , do you know that Girls Can’t Play BasketBall !

Am I Now Indian Enough To Impress The Cool Dude Rahul ?
Am I Now Indian Enough To Impress The Cool Dude Rahul ?



Yeah !

PART 2 Coming Soon. Sigh.

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