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Jaane se pehle ek aakhiri baar milna kyun zaroori hota hai?

You seldom come across a film so gripping that doesn’t let you take your eyes off of the screen. Imtiaz Ali’s third directorial film, Love Aaj Kal starring Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan and Rishi Kapoor is one of such gems. Following a non linear pattern with two different time lines juxtaposed with each other, this film makes you appreciate the art of the film making. 5 minutes into the film, Love Aaj Kal summarizes the whole film to you with breath taking shots and heart piercing montages.

Love Aaj Kal presents to you the human emotions so raw and naked that a regular cinema watcher, who is used to of watching films that never cease to show its protagonists in the most righteous light might get stunned by the audacity of Imtiaz Ali who presents his characters as natural as possible, as flawed as possible, and as human as possible.

Other than the story of the film that spans over two different generations that aren’t connected with each other with anything else than the Love itself, possessing the very different shades of love, Love Aaj Kal offers the screenplay, extremely brilliant that one might wonder how one would have jotted it down with pen on paper.

What makes Love Aaj Kal is it’s audacity that dares to be unconventional, where the protagonists dare to be different than the conventional ever sacrificing hero heroines. The man who has had made the execution of this complicated sounding theme as seamless as it is in the man himself, Imtiaz Ali.

Saif Ali Khan played two characters, Veer of yesterday and Jai of today and he did an amazing job as both the lovers with Veer being slightly better. Rishi Kapoor as usual was phenomenal and so was the leading lady, Deepika Padukone who in the nascent stage of her career played this sort-of-complicates career with utmost maturity. Giselli Monteiro was stunning as the beautiful sardaarni, Harleen Kaur and Rahul Khanna was  simply brilliant in his small but important character.


Our favourite scenes:

Jai and Meera’s face off in latter’s wedding. ‘Are You Married, Meera?’

Meera and Jai’s face off in her wedding, as he confesses that he still has not gotten over her.

The song sequence- Aaj Din Chadheya

The song is beautifully picturised and reveals Harleen’s feelings for Veer for the first time in the film. The song can sure give one goosebumps.


The beauty of this film is that it from its very first frame, Love Aaj Kal offers you a different world all together and you will fail to leave it without being a part of it. The film has a feel to it, and throughout the run of the film, it doesn’t leave that, even in the very last song as the credits roll.

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