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It seems to me that the human race is the only species who have forgotten the whole purpose of life, the whole meaning of existence is to have fun, to have pleasure. And here is someone who’s found their own way to do it. We shouldn’t judge them for it. If they’re happy and enjoying life, we should congratulate them, not criticize them.

How many times do you stumble upon the films that make you question your senses, intelligence, and even the art of film watching. Irani film maker, Abbas Kiarostami’s French film, ‘Certified Copy’ or Copie conforme starring the French actress Juliette Binoche and British opera singer, William Shimell is one of such films.

The film is revolves around a writer and an antique shop keeper who happen to meet for the first time, or did they? Along with art, philosophy, intellect and wisdom that oozes from each and every frame of this Abbas Kiarostami film is the intricately woven ambiguity. Scene after scene the film offers a handful of surprise elements with a stranger accusing another stranger for not loving her enough and second stranger reciprocating with an equally personal accusation.

The film is styled with a lot of close ups and long shots of the two leading actors who do nothing but talk, bicker, fight, blame, and play along. One may find a lot of similarity between this film and the Before Trilogy, especially Before Sunrise with two strangers meeting and talking and doing nothing else, just meandering around and talking, but, Certified Copy fails to leave you with ease. The ambiguity that the film offers pushes the viewers out of their comfort zone and might succeed in haunting you.

There is no direct yes or no for any question that the film raises and probably that’s the beauty of the film that it works on the subjectivity, or perception, one of the integral element of this film.

The film takes you to the picturesque locations with two amazingly gorgeous people, Juliette Binoche and William Shimell to look at. The background music just gels with film, and the camera work is no ordinary. One might yawn at an occasion or the two but someone else might find beauty in the same scenes. The dialogues are mainly in English, French and Italian.

Watch Certified Copy for a beautiful film watching experience.

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