How India can beat USA in Olympics medal tally, Here is the answer – Need of the Hour – Sporting Revolution in India

India has the potential to beat the rest of the countries soon.
How can we beat USA in the overall medal tally?
Keep reading for the answer.

With Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu making us proud , the Indian campaign in Rio Olympics is about to come to an end.


We have witnessed the likes of Dipa Karmakar who put India on gymnastics final’s arena in olympics for the first time and Aditi Ashok the 18 year old who is making us proud on the golf course.


The Athletes put their blood mind and soul in the preparations and then the participation in the competitive events and thats commendable.


But apart from these Wonder Women the Indian Campaign has not been as good as their last olympic outing when Team India won 6 Medals.

Glancing on India’s performances from 1984 to 2012 we have some interesting figures.

             Gold           Silver           Bronze     No. Of Participants

1984 :    0                 0                 0                      48

1988 :    0                 0                 0                      46

1992 :    0                 0                 0                      53

1996 :    0                 0                 1                      49

2000 :   0                 0                 1                      65

2004 :   0                 1                 0                      73

2008 :   1                 0                 2                      67

2012 :    0                 2                 4                      83

India won Nothing for 3 consecutive olympics ,  with Lander Paes breaking the jinx at the 1996 olympics winning bronze in men’s singles.


Again in 2000 Karnam Malleshwari won a bronze and made us proud by winning in the 69KG weightlifting event.

In 2004 India’s sole medal (Silver) came from Major Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore.


2008 saw the rise of Abhinav Bindra who won the 1st ever individual gold. Vijender Kumar and Sushil Kumar got a hard fought bronze in Boxing and Wrestling respectively.


2012 saw the biggest contingent being sent and it reaped rewards, with india winning six medals in various sports.

2016 has seen a drop in the medal tally , of course we are expecting some more medals in the last 3 days of the summer games.

Are Indians not a competitive race?

Does the atmosphere of our country prevent us from being advance athletes?

Well to be honest India has everything in the world , from the Snow of Kashmir to tropical forests in West bengal.

We can win in every sport like a boss.

What should be the mantra for indians to win more of these medals?

What is the difference between the society of India and the West?

We have a solution.

1: Inculcate sport in our education system.

Marking should be done on the basis of their sport performance and sport being an integral part of the yearly curriculum of every school.


Its Effect : More and More PV Sindhus , Sushil Kumars , Abhinav Bindras and Vijender Singhs would be unearthed at an early level.

We see likes of Katie Lideky who won her first gold at age 15 , Usain bolt who came into 2008 olympics as an 18 year old.

There would be many young superstars representing india at the global stage.

2: Award Athletes throughout their training and not after they win medals in olympics.

Athletes should be given attention not only after the win medals,The people should know their athletes as the young ones have role models to look up on to get inspired.


3: High Stipend for all Sportspersons

Sports will become a career option for people , taking a glance at india’s population we don’t just need doctors and engineers , we need sportspersons to make us proud.


Its Effect : More and More people will take up sports as a career and we will eventually become a sporting super power.

4: Sports Workshops in Schools and Colleges by the National Olympic Organisation

Whats the best way to discover the talent ? To dig and find the treasure yourself.

Western Union and Teach for India facilitated a basketball workshop cond... (1)

Its Effect : The real talent can be un-earthed , taken care of and trained to represent India.

5: More Training Centres across cities

Its Effect : It will be easier for children to get good coaching. It will spur the parents to send their children to play.

India Would be an Indomitable force one day.

Why not start today

Make a target India.

We urge Prime Minister and Sports Minister of India to pay heed and spark off this revolution.

Jai Hind.

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