6 Reasons why Mini Militia Beats Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans

Mini Militia the best online multiplayer game which is present on google play store is by far the greatest game till now.

People Kids are going crazy over Pokemon go and clash of clans but here are 6 reasons why Mini militia triumphs over all these games Big time.

1: “Pokemon Go is for babies , Mini Militia is for Men”

Really?I mean Really?
Is there a comparison between the pointless creature catching game and a high adrenaline kickass war game.

Mini Militia is the real stuff,
Catacombs , Outpost , No Escape are the places where it happens.

Mini Militia brings out the warrior in you.


2: Mini militia doesn’t cause any road accidents 😀

Yes Playing Pokemon go can kill you , read the post if you don’t believe us Road Accident and Kidnapping in india Due too Pokemon .


Many road accidents all across the world have occurred and many deaths have been reported in Japan and US due to people playing Pokemon falling into pits and getting into accidents.

3: Custom Games

Remember guys Counter Strike 1.6 ??

In Mini Militia you get to fly and kill.

The new custom games feature has taken the Mini World by a storm , Mini Militians can now play in groups , team up and fight till the last breath , lol , of till the next respawn.

4: We are the real gamers.

”Gamers Never die , They Respawn“ 😀


Hell Yeah , we’re the Real gamers , people fighting over Clash of Clans and catching pokemons are NOOBIE.

5: Discover Cool Names and Cool People

Khooni  , Sunny Leone , Kala Shanty these are just some funny names 😀 😀 😀
But we bet there are more epic named players hiding out in the whole wide world.


Many a times two players bond over a game or a team game and end up as great friends.
Many players have befriended each other and play regularly with each other.

You also meet people from the US , UK and Australia if you play early in the morning 😀


6: You get High While Playing Mini Militia

What is the feeling of catching a useless pokemon in comparison to winning a duel in Mini Militia.


Killing the other team out of sorts, swearing the hackers out  , all is a part of the whole package.

This is for all the Mini Militians out there

“Gotta Kill em All” 😀 😀 😀

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