5 Reasons You Must Watch La La Land

5 Reasons You Must Watch “La La Land”

La La Land

Much has been said about the 2016 sleeper hit “La La Land” directed by the young and fresh director Damien Chazelle who also directed another overwhelming sleeper hit “Whiplash”. We give you the five reasons you must watch it.

#1. Its captivating soundtracks :



The first sequence of the film starts with a song itself “Another Day in the Sun”. Its heart-warming melodious jazz songs are something one should not miss. Some of the best songs of the film are “ City Of Star” and “Audition” (both nominated for Oscars) and “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme”

#2. Its dance performances :



Both Gosling and Stone enthral the audience with their long one take dance number throughout the film. The dance numbers are just not dances, but a narrative device to carry forward the film. They are also a spectacle to watch!

#3. Its unconventional story line :



A man and a woman fall in love, they have some trouble but they overcome it and live happily ever after. This would be the story arc for many melodramas but not La La Land. La La Land delivers a very unconventional love story. It will make you go awww… and before you know it, you will go ohhhh...

#4. Its beautiful stars :



Like the track, “City Of Stars” the film itself is studded with a beautiful on screen couple – Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Their chemistry on screen is just perfect they look so cute together! This is their third film together as couples.

#5. The way it makes you feel :



This film is certain to make you feel touched. It will take you on a roller coaster ride. It will be an experience of lifetime.

You can watch the trailer here :

Source : Youtube

Written by : Achal Vohra 

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