5 Reasons Why You Need To Give Monica Geller More Love

Is it not ridiculous how underrated this beautiful character called Monica Geller is ? You ask people their favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S’s character and they say Joey or Phoebe Buffay or Chandler Bing and even Ross Geller! And the fashionistas love Rachel Green. What about Monica? WHY U NO LUV HERRR ?



Here we have jot down our 5 top reasons why we love and adore Monica.



1.She exists that is why the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ exist. There is no denying in the fact that she is the centripetal force of the group and binds everyone together.



2. She doesn’t hold ANYTHING against her parents and we know how terrible they have been to her. God knows why! This self made woman achieved everything in her life on her own.



3. She helped and did everything for her friends selflessly. She let Rachel live with her when latter had no place to go despite the fact that Rachel had shun Monica from her life and hadn’t invited her on her wedding. Could we love you anymore Monica Geller Bing? Also remember the time Chandler needed serious help *cough cough* on his *cough* body ? She was one amazing sister too. She always stood besides her brother in all his heartbreaks. Aww!



4. An incredibly gorgeous woman who also happens to be an incredible cook. The super caring woman that Monica is , made sure everyone gets what they like to eat every time she cooks. Remember the thanksgiving when she cooked for everyone differently and nobody even helped her? Monica , you have our heart.



5. Undoubtedly , world’s best girlfriend , word’s best wife. Who can forget the legendary proposal when Monica went down on her knees to propose Chandler? The heart stirring vows that she took on her wedding. She has always loved Chandler whole heartedly . Ever seen a wife performing striptease for her husband just because she got a chance and he didn’t? Ever seen a wife buying her husband shark porn? No , right?



That is Monica Geller Bing for you.



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