Best Friends In Bollywood We Wish We Had

Friendship Day is hardly a week far . Hindi Cinema has often shown larger than life friendships and some really , really good friends we wish we had.

Here are out top 5 picks.

Aman Mathur in Kal Ho Naa Ho


Aman Mathur , the annoying new neighbour who is about to die but BRB death , need to get two friends together.

Kabir Dewan in Zindagi Millegi Na Dobara


It is ridiculous how underrated Abhay Deol’s character is in ZMND. An only sane friend sandwiched between two annoying , always bickering , fighting bwoys .

Rancho in 3 Idiots


Because you don’t usually meet a friend who cares for your education more than his. 

Jai from Sholay

Know anyone who can happily give his life for you? We neither.

Rang De Basanti Squad

The major friendship goals.

An honourable mention.

Aisha in Aisha

aisha promo

Tell us exactly how is Aisha selfish? She spent all her money on her friends , she wants them to settle down , she wants her friend to find true love. How misunderstood Aisha is. She was sweet , naive , gullible but an honest friend. 

These were our picks. Let us know your favourite in the comment section.

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